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Gatlinburg shopping is a favorite pastime of many visitors. The question always comes up,  Where to shop in Gatlinburg for that perfect souvenir that tells people where we have been and will last a long tine.  Auto tags of Gatlinburg are one of the few “TRUE” Craftsmen left on the strip in Gatlinburg. Handcrafted auto tags, hand painted, no airbrush here. The lettering is hand painted with Enamel paint that will last for years. Backgrounds are produced to not fade or wash off. Holds up in the weather also for years. Auto Tags are done on aluminum tags that will not rust. Customers come back after many years to say their tags still look good.  We originated the decorative license plate 41 years ago.  

Featured Products

Customized and hand painted Car, RV, Motorcycle plates are the perfect souvenir gift for yourself or a loved one. Tags can be used for fundraisers, promote your business, or make a personal statement. Auto Tags of Gatlinburg makes custom license plates for your automobile or any other vehicle, and as a gift for someone else. Order an license plate frame with your tags right here online.
Personalized license plates, custom lettering, license plate frames, and all plate accessories are all available. We can also manufacture custom tag quantities with custom art, logos, and lettering.

Engraved frames are also available for your existing car tags, a fake state plate, or a custom tag we make for you. Our license plate frame section has a variety of colors and lettering available.

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